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Missouri Permit-less Carry Class

The new PERMITLESS CCW law went into effect on 1/1/17.  If you are one of the many people who is choosing to carry concealed without getting a CCW permit, at the absolute minimum you need to know the law.  We hear almost daily from customers who “know a guy that said……….” type of statements that are full of falsehoods and are out there being spread.  While we highly encourage getting an actual CCW permit, and being able to enjoy all the benefits of having one, we also understand the decisions of folks who do not want to get a CCW permit for one reason or another.

We have developed a training class that is aimed at educating the person who is carrying concealed without a CCW permit.  We will explain the use of force laws and cover where and when you can legally carry with both a CCW permit and without a CCW permit.  You need to know what you can and can’t do, when you can and can’t do it.  Ignorance of the law is not a legal defense.

This class is also a great idea for folks who may have had their CCW permit for a while and want to get a refresher and brought up to speed on the latest law changes that have happened since they got their CCW permit.

The cost of the class is$40, and will be approximately 3-4 hours in length.  You can call or stop by Blackwood to get the latest class schedule and get signed up.  There will be $20.00 non-refundable deposit due at signup.

Classes start at 1pm.

Blackwood provides the best Firearm training in the area.  All courses are taught by NRA Certified Instructors and exceed all State mandated requirements.  Our classes are held in an dedicated training room and the shooting portions of the classes are held in a heated/air-conditioned indoor range located onsite.

Give us a call (636.937.1486) or stop by to sign-up.  Scroll down the page to see class dates.

Upcoming Missouri Permit-less Carry Class dates