Blackwood Firearms

We offer a FFL transfer service for those who purchase a firearm online, directly from a FFL dealer or individual out of state, or want to release your personal liability selling a firearm to an individual face to face.

We charge $20 for the first transfer, and $10 for each additional transfer when they are completed at the same time.

How it works-

Online Purchase/Online Auction-

You complete payment to whomever you are purchasing the firearm from and either call us or stop by and give us their contact info.  We will need their name and fax number or email address.  Once we have completed the FFL transfer process with that FFL/Person, the firearm will ship to us.  Once the firearm is received by us, you will come into the store and fill out the ATF background check form.  Once the background check is complete and we receive a proceed from the FBI (it takes you about 5 minutes to fill out the paperwork, and it takes us about 5 minutes to run the background check) you are able to leave with your firearm.

Individual to Individual-   

Both parties must come in to the store with the firearm, and we will transfer legal possession from the original owner to us.  The person receiving the firearm will complete an ATF background check form and we will run a background check on that person.  Once that is complete, we will then transfer the firearm to the new owner.  This is an easy process (takes about 10-15 minutes), and it ensures that the new owner is legally able to possess the firearm.  This releases the original owner from Civil/Criminal liability from the firearm.  While it is not illegal for private citizens to buy/sell/trade firearms to another private citizen, it is your responsibility to ensure the person whom is receiving the firearm from you can legally possess it.  It is a criminal offense to knowingly sell or transfer a firearm to someone who cannot legally possess one.  Going through a FFL to do the transfer process releases you from the liability of the firearm from that point forward.